Zeus Slot Machine

Zeus Slot Machine

The Zeus slot will take you on a journey to the heart of Ancient Greece, in search of the treasures of the Greek gods and the pantheon jackpot. If you love ancient legends, this slot is sure to please!

Enter the pantheon of victors in the Zeus slot machine

Zeus: father of the Gods, the sky, lightning, thunder, and justice; with such a pedigree it would be surprising if Zeus didn’t inspire any online casino game publisher to create one of their own. The Greek pantheon has already inspired many game designers, however, with the Zeus slot review, we see for the first time a game centred around a single god! Are casino players monotheistic?

Zeus thunder and free spins!

The online casino game Zeus consists of five reels on three rows. You can bet from C$1 cent to 5 per line on a total of 30 winning lines. This gives you an extremely wide betting range from 1 cent to C$150 per spin. The Zeus slot machine reels have been placed at the foot of a Greek temple covered in gold and decorated with lightning, the symbol of Zeus. With no animated decorations or moving characters, it seems that online casino game publisher WMS has kept things simple. Let’s hope, however, that a little action will liven up our Zeus Slot games.

Symbols of Zeus Sacred

While playing the Zeus slot, you will also see some rare animations…

Online casino game publisher WMS has relied on fairly basic 2D graphics to create the Zeus slot. These are reminiscent of computer strategy games where players had to build their own ancient city. Symbols include ancient coins, tetradrachms, Greek triers, lyres, laurel wreaths, ancient vases, and even warrior helmets. Playing the Zeus slot machine also allows you to discover some rare animations; a little creative effort would have been appreciated.

Fans of traditional slots will be pleased with the atmosphere of the Zeus slot; players with more modern tastes might get bored a little faster. You can enjoy small, extremely classic music and sound effects during the reel spins and correct symbol alignments. Online casino game publisher WMS has included epic and dynamic music to liven up the free spins you can get with the Zeus slot bonus. Too bad this music doesn’t accompany every game!

Zeus Slot Machine loading

The Zeus slot bonus features are classic. You can enjoy a Wild symbol, which will substitute for other symbols to increase your chances of getting winning combinations, and a Scatter symbol, which gives you the chance to get free spins. The more Scatter symbols you get, the more bonus rounds you get on the Zeus slot. These free spins prove to be extremely profitable and will have your bankroll replenished in no time!