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What do you need to know about the completely free casino slot games?

The first, slot machine appeared in 1898 thanks to the mechanic Charles August Fey. At first they were mechanical reel machines with the famous symbols of diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and bells.

Then, in the 1920s, gambling was banned. Mills came up with the idea of changing slot machines into candy machines. The first slot machines with fruit symbols, which are so famous today, were introduced.

In 1963, electromechanical machines were introduced, followed by electronic machines in 1980. The explosion of the Internet and thus of online free casino slot games have made them one of the most played games in the world.

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Everything you need to know about modern free casino slots

These features are present in most of the free casino slot games you will find in online casinos. They will spice up your games and you will never get bored.

Free slot themes

This is simply the world of the machine in question. The music, scenery, and symbols can change depending on the theme, and there are thousands of them. Of all the online casino games available on the web, online slots are the most similar to video games.

Free slot software

There are many different suppliers of slot machines, each of which uses different software. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to know the software of the machine you like in order to find other similar ones.

The paytable of a slot machine

Usually, it is available directly in the game menus, where you can see the value of the symbols and the possible combinations, as well as the details of the bonuses and the game features.

Slot machine features

Apart from its general operation, each free casino slot game has different features. They are usually listed just in the slot overview, so you can get to know them in detail.

Free Spins

These are the free spins that can be won during a slot game, usually, the scatter symbols that unlock them.


An option that allows you to replay once when a special symbol appears. It is usually available when you were close to a win.


These can be won by a special combination of symbols. It is possible to win predefined amounts by hitting these combinations; several types of jackpots exist and are more or less important in terms of amounts. However, it is not possible to play free jackpot casino games since a fictitious bet cannot be used to hit a real jackpot.

As you can see, there are a lot of features on slot machines. Whichever machine you choose, it will have one or more of them. With these definitions, you should be able to see your games more clearly!