Cleopatra Slot Machine: Pioneer Of The Casino Industry

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The Cleopatra slot machine is a pioneer in the field of casino games. Having been created a few years ago, it has become an essential reference. Here you can find the review of the main features that have forged its reputation since its launch.

Where to find the Cleopatra slot machine

The Cleopatra online casino game belongs to the slot machine category. It was a huge success when it was first released and still enjoys a notorious reputation. The principle of the game is simple: You have to take a whimsical leap into the world of the ancient Egyptian Queen of Hieroglyphics, the ancient goddess of the Lagid dynasty, and win her favour by offering gold and precious materials.

In its early days, one of its distinguishing features was that it had an array of unique and characteristic features that helped to set it apart from the rest of the online slot game world, due to its exclusive inventiveness in terms of gameplay, promotional offers, and graphic interface.

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Cleopatra slot machine overview

The Cleopatra slot machine consists of online gaming software, without downloading, also offering total free play. The gameplay is a 5×3 scheme, with 5 spinning reels and 20 payout lines intersecting. The range of bets varies according to the player’s desire. Indeed, different chips of various values are inserted, ranging from 0.01 to 20. To start the device, all you have to do is click on “spin”.

The gameplay is quite simple. Nevertheless, there are some combinations to remember in order to optimise your victory. Let’s see what instructions should be memorized in order to put all the chances on your side.

With a particular symbolism referring to a past dynasty, each square assigned along the lines will present figures, alphabetical letters, and numbers including:

  • Cleopatra’s face: Wild.
  • The sphinx: Scatter.
  • The eye of Udjat: eye of the god Horus and synonymous with protection.
  • The sceptre.
  • The golden ingot.
  • The fan.
  • The beetle.
  • The letters J, Q, K, A.
  • The numbers 9, 10.

At the end of the rotation that is going to be thrown, a player will be faced with lines comprising several squares. In order to make the combinations more profitable, it is best to arrange a succession of 5 identical symbols.

If the player line up five boxes with Cleopatra’s face, he/she will receive 10,000 coins and have the opportunity to replace other symbols, which will increase winnings. Similarly, a quintuplet of an eye of Udjat, or spectrum offers from 10 to 125 coins. The same goes for the gold bar, which offers its holder a little extra from 15 to 400 coins. As for the fan and the beetle, both offer a bonus ranging from 2 to 75 coins. The famous numbers and letters echoing the increasing power cards also give some advantages, if combined well, but without any real impact. A Cleopatra free spin bonus can be obtained by lining up 3 sphinxes. This bonus grants 15 free spins during which any win will be tripled.

According to the above-mentioned elements Cleopatra slot is pleasantly favourable. Rich and lively: it’s hard to get rid of, or get bored with it.

Cleopatra slot: graphic elements of the game

As far as the graphics of the game are concerned, the developers of International Game Technology (IGT) have taken the reins. This firm offers neat decor with a desert background that is without equal. Narrated by a soft and melodious voice, the immersion in this hieroglyphic-based universe opens onto a room decorated with perfectly drawn valuables, which cultivate our curiosity and push us to go further in the gameplay.

Similar slot machines

Due to its success, there are several Cleopatra spin-off games, including the following:

  • Handy Cleopatra.
  • Book of Ra.
  • Cleopatra 2.
  • Cleopatra’s Gold.
  • Throne of Egypt.