Online Casino Galerie – Best Online Slots in Motreal

The most popular of all casino games is the slot machine. With the best slot games, there is no way to get bored! Players from Montreal and across Canada can play for free, or try to win real money with the pay-to-play slot games.

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Real money online slots gallery

Best online slots features

The key to success with the best slot games is to make the right choice and recognise the most profitable and fun games. Our experts have decided to let you in on their secrets and the criteria they use to spot the best slot machines for Montreal gamblers. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

The quality of the graphics

Playing slot machines is all about having fun and getting away from it all… and the quality of the graphics and web design is crucial. Especially nowadays, graphic designers have made a lot of progress, and the best slot machines give us a lot of eye candy.

The music

If the music in a game annoys you to the point of having to turn it off, it’s a bad sign. The art of sound animations in a successful slot machine should not be too intrusive, and the music should be catchy without being overpowering.

Bonus games

Enjoying a surprise bonus game at the end of a game is always fun! Especially, since it gives you an extra chance to win money. We also love the wild and scatter symbols, which spice up the game.


The size of the maximum jackpot of a slot machine can be a fundamental criterion of choice. Some machines offer only modest sums, while others, especially progressive best online slots, offer players from Montreal fabulous jackpots.

Payout ratios

Before playing an online slot machine, check the rules of the game, sometimes called the ‘payout table‘. This clearly shows you how much you need to bet to hit a particular jackpot, so you can compare slots to find the best ones.

Payout rate

Some online casinos display the payout ratio of each slot machine, i.e. how much money it “gives back” to players. The higher the payout, the more profitable the machine.

Of course, this characteristic is not a feature of slots but is present in other types of casino games. Although it varies everywhere, it is usually in the same range. One of the highest rates is in live casino games. In some cases, it can be as high as 99%. Such games can be found at online casinos, which are in the catalogue of the best sites with a live casino for Canadians. In turn, slots have an average of 96-97%. Although there are exceptions, you can find slots with an RTP of 99%.

But sometimes it’s a good idea to play on a “cold” machine where no big money has been won in a long time: luck can change very quickly!

Real Money Slots vs. Free Slots

Free slots and real money slots each have their strengths and weaknesses.

Real Money Games PROS

Hit the jackpot. The best thing about slots is winning! It’s a very simple game that requires minimal skill… it’s all about hitting the jackpot.

Take advantage of promotions. Online casinos all offer promotions, such as free games where you can win money for the most loyal players in Montreal.

Participate in challenges. Some sites organize slot machine challenges, rewarded with gifts or game credits.

Free Games PROS

You can’t lose. Free games offer you a great deal of security. No matter what happens, you’ll never lose a penny. This is reassuring, especially with slots where the house edge is important.

Play without limits. In casinos, with free slot machines, anything goes: bet thousands of fictitious chips, play hundreds of games in a row, play on fifteen different casinos… the fun has no limits!

Test a strategy. Do you want to know if it’s really worth it to bet the maximum amount or if it’s better to play smaller amounts? Test these two strategies for free to see which one is more interesting!

Real Money Games CONS

You have to register. To play for real money, you have to create an account on a site and share personal data.

You can lose a lot. Slots can be dangerous games for beginners and unwary players. They are games of pure chance, and it can sometimes be difficult to control yourself.

Free Games CONS

No loyalty points. Loyalty programs are one of the great things about online casinos. When playing free slots, you don’t earn any loyalty points.

No progressive jackpots. Slot machines with progressive jackpots are much talked about: they offer jackpots of several million euros. But to enjoy them, you have to play for real money!

You now have a better understanding of the best online slots. To win money with a slot machine at an online casino, players from Montreal need to register with a trusted site. Preferably choose a platform that offers 100% fair gaming and protects your transactions and personal data.