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J.C. Heywood   artist bio
Artist: J.C. Heywood, Title: After Morandi - click for larger image
After Morandi
52 x 48 in.  Technique mixte sur toile / mixed media on canvas  
Contact us to inquire about this work.
J.C. Heywood - Jalapeno
J.C. Heywood - Study in Surfaces, Version Two
Study in Surfaces, Version Two
J.C. Heywood - Exaggeration
J.C. Heywood - After Morandi
After Morandi
J.C. Heywood - Birds of Tunis
Birds of Tunis
J.C. Heywood - David and Albert
David and Albert
J.C. Heywood - Displaced Proteaceae
Displaced Proteaceae
J.C. Heywood - For Manet
For Manet
J.C. Heywood - Pears
J.C. Heywood - Post Neo-Morandi
Post Neo-Morandi

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