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Steve Volpe

From a technical standpoint, Steve Volpe’s paintings are rooted in the realist tradition; however, it is the thought-provoking and often enigmatic qualities beneath the surface that place his work in the arena of contemporary art. His predominantly figurative compositions invite interpretation through compelling narratives that often make reference to the act of painting itself. Recent work indirectly explores the psychological influences -- positive and negative -- that he has encountered during the creative process: In Anatomy of a Lecture, hands that offer support and guidance are also restricting and subtly controlling; in Reprise, the remains of an old violin, revealed after a spring thaw, suggest both decay and rebirth.

Steve's background in art education and graphic design has helped to play a significant role in shaping his art today. He has been the recipient of three Ontario Arts Council grants and various awards in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and the Headwaters region. His paintings have been purchased by collectors across Canada and internationally. Steve's home and studio are located in Orangeville, Ontario where he lives with his wife, Wendy.


Par leur technique, les tableaux de Steve Volpe appartiennent à la tradition réaliste, mais par le côté énigmatique et provocant qu’ils recèlent, ils se rattachent à l’art contemporain. Ses compositions, surtout figuratives, incitent à l’interprétation par l’articulation de récits fascinants qui évoquent souvent l’acte de peindre. Ses œuvres récentes font écho aux états psychologiques – positifs et négatifs – qui ont influencé son processus créatif.

Sa formation en pédagogie des arts et en design graphique a joué un rôle important dans l’évolution de son œuvre. Lauréat de trois bourses du Conseil des arts de l’Ontario, il a remporté de nombreux prix à Toronto, Mississauga et Brampton, et dans la région de Headwaters. Il est représenté dans plusieurs collections au Canada et à l’étranger. Avec sa femme Wendy, il vit et travaille à Orangeville, en Ontario.